"Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder" - that is true but sometimes it becomes a need for someone. We aspire everyone to be beautiful. With the growing awareness of aesthetic and cosmetic field people now a days don’t want to live with with bald head, aged look or bodily deformity and they know how to overcome them easily. In "ASHUTOSH SKIN CARE AND HEALTH" clinic we offer our valuable patients safest, most advanced and effective treatment helping them to achieve the desired result to make them aesthetically elegant. We offer wide range of medical treatments of various hair problems like hair fall control, hair regrowth, hair maintainence etc and cosmetic skin problems like acne, acne scars, anti aging, skin glow ,stretch marks etc at a very affordable cost by FDA approved protocols.

This clinic was established with a fresh new approach. Here when a patient comes , he/she is thoroughly examined to decide the course of treatment. The matter is discussed in details and the patient is advised about the treatment options. The client can choose from the options. The client is welcomed in a cosy, homely environment and while treatment continues he/she becomes a family member and that relationship is continued even after the treatment is over. The maintainence is advised at the same time to keep the result last long.
Please visit and be satisfied yourself. Different payment modes also available from which the client can choose the one best suited to him/her.


Accept nature and natural processes gracefully is the traditional mantra. But what happens if all these problems occur prematurely…or someone doesn’t want to aaccept all these. Everybody deserves to be young. The effect of modern lifestyles gives us nothing but premature aging, darkening of skin colour, early hairloss and all such related problems of skin and hair with deep underlying internal ailments. Ultimately one looses happiness and fails for rest of life to face the challenges. With this motto we step forward in the industry of beautification that everyone aspires to be beautiful challenging their cosmetic impairment they came across early of their life .Again a que of question comes wheather is it scientifically proved? Wheather those treatments have any side effects? Wheather is it affordable for common people? Ashutosh Skin Care And Health is a result of our hard work established with a goal to help people to achieve the best quality of scientifically proved treatment without any side effects to reach the grasp of common man who wants to be beautiful. Many cosmetic problems though it looks cosmetic but the cause lies in underlying disease. We judge the patient as a whole and give suggestions accordingly to make our ASCH a state of art clinic .Our mission is based on four pillers of honesty, dedication, respect and medical professionalism. We r human beings more than doctors..so we continue to treat our patients considering them as a human being more than our business clients to make our ASCH a clinic not only a business centre.


At ASCH we offer varities of hair loss and cosmetic skin treatments by doctor who is particularly experienced in this field and you can be rest assured that you will be offered only the honest advise and the most suitable treatment for you. We know if best result is achieved..that is our best advertising.

About Chief Consultant

ASCH is led by consultant Dr. Abhik Bhattacharyya, who after completing his graduation in medical field has done Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Trichology (P.G.D.M.T) and Fellowship in Medical Cosmetology (F.M.C) from ILAMED,affiliated to UNIVERSITY OF GRIEFSWALD, GERMANY,to give his entire practice concentrating only on aesthetic cosmetic problems related to hair and skin …he has worked in different clinics as a head consultant, so having huge experience of dealing different cosmetic problems with internal assessments. He has a wide knowledge of hair transplant and other cosmetic surgeries so can give proper related advise accordingly. He is friendly soft spoken and humanitarian in nature . Many actors have also taken treatment from him. He knows if his satisfied clients are with him in near future ASCH is sure to be the first choice of our clients.


We understand each of our patients are unique. With the experience of our consultant and through the most advanced minimally invasive treatments available we are able to offer best medical results in an affordable prices compared to others.
If you are unsuitable for minimally invasive treatments..then we advise for surgical options accordingly.

When it comes to choosing the proper cosmetic clinic with 1oo% proper medical advise, we have done the groundwork for you, so that you can be sure you are in best hands.

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Our Services

Hair Treatment

Hair Treatment

Hair is a complex structure which grows from the follicle, or root situated underneath the skin.

Hair fall control treatment

Men and women sometimes notices premature hair thinning due to several reasons.

Stem cell therapy

We can do stem cell therapy as an effective hair loss solution.

Dr Abhik Bhattachariya is more a human being than a doctor, more doctor than a professional. Last few years I had a problem of my skin and he cures like a magic. Above all he understands my mentality and my financial status.When I was so fed up with my skin I met with him in ASCH. I wish best of luck his centre for future performance. -- Ashich Biswas

I had came to Dr Abhik Bhattachariya (ASCH) for pigmentation and anti ageing treatment. I am very happy with the result and will continue with the treatment.Big thank you to the Doctor for taking personal care. --- Anuradha Sen

I came to Dr Abhik Bhattacharya (ASCH) for the hair re-growth treatment 6 months ago, I was heavy problem of hairfall and was tending towards baldness. After taking treatment from him and by his consultancy i am able to get back my hair and i am very satisfied with the result. The doctor personally keep in touch with me and takecare of my problem. --- Dattatreya Nath

I, Dr. Subhra Bakshi personally say many thanks to Dr. Abhik Sir. I had very bad skin, with pimples, hyper pigmentation & dull face for that reason almost all time i used to feel low (depressed). I don't feel like to see my face in mirror. Then i came to sir & i followed his advice & treatment and my skin improved a lot. I feel confident on myself. top of that, personally he is very good person. Not only he treat my skin problem, he used to support me mentally also, which helped me to come over so many problem in my life. Many-many thanks to Dr. Abhik Sir wish him all the best for his future and god bless him. --- Dr. Subhra Bakshi

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