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Hair treatment


Hair is a complex structure which grows from the follicle, or root situated underneath the skin. It is devided into 3 parts..from starting upto opening of sebaceous gland 1st part, upto opening of sebaceous gland to insertion of arrector pilli muscle 2nd part and portion lower than that 3rd part. In bulb or 3rd part arterial and venous supplies for hair roots are there for nutritional purpose. Each hair passes through 3 stages i.e. Anagen(growing phase), Catagen(transition phase), Telogen(resting phase). Every hair is at a different stage of the growth cycle. Anagen stage lasts 3-5 yrs, catagen stage lasts for only about 10 days and telogen stage lasts for 2-3 months. Hair problem actually starts when due various reasons Anagen stage shortens and Anagen Telogen normal ratio(4:1) alters. Hair plays a very important role to maintain one’s beauty. When one starts becoming bald, his/her public appearance alters, s/he starts losing self confidence. .Hair thinning requires immediate medical attention. Genetic and other hair losses can happen both in male and female. Our experienced hair expert has helped numerous men and women to restore their genetic and other hair loss conditions.

Hair fall control treatment

Men and women sometimes notices premature hair thinning due to several reasons. Genetics,acute illness,hypothyroidism,anaemia,post pregnancy,stress,chemotherapy are some of them. In this procedure some specified multivitamins, minerals which hair started lacking due to improper nutrition, DHT(which causes miniaturization of hair) blocker etc. are given to hair roots to renourish them which is already a proven method to control hair loss. At our clinic this procedure is done only by expert and is minimally invasive,which is totally safe and free from any side effects.

Hair Regrowth treatment

Our ASCH clinics Hair Regrowth Treatment works to grow your hair back. Firstly it revitalizes the dormant follicles, as a result new hair grows.. Secondly it accelerates the hair regrowth process by supplying for the deficiencies of minerals, vitamins, Proteins, Iron etc. At the end of treatment one can achieve their natural hair regrowth. Actually this treatment which brings back the normal hair cycle which has stagnated. It is again non surgical and minimally invasive and free from any known side effects and done only by our medical expert.

Own growth factor treatment/P.R.P. TREATMENT

At our specialized clinic, we have been performing PRP treatment as a beautiful therapeutic option for male and female patients experiencing hair loss. PRP is a non-surgical therapeutic hairfall solution for patients who require stimulation of hair growth.
Small amount of blood is taken from the patient. Platelet rich plasma is made from it and given to the hair roots.. Then the pletelet derived growth factors(PDGF) in your blood cells will do their job and stimulate natural hair growth. PRP Hair Restoration is suitable for both men and women. It is a non-surgical, totally natural, alternative medical procedure for the treatment of hair loss or hair thinning.

G.F.C(Growth Factor Concentrate) Therapy

G.F.C(Growth Factor Concentrate) Therapy

A pure highly safe, highly concentrated growth factor preparation, engineered from one’s own blood, for superior results in hair loss.
It is advanced form of Platelet Rich Plasma therapy and much better regarding final outcome, consistency of the outcome amount, results, number of sessions required and of course from the standpoint of pain, inflammation and risk of infection.

Hair Maintenance Treatment (H.M.T.)

This treatment helps to maintain your already controlled hair loss or regrown hairs from falling, maintains thicker fuller hair always.


Stem Cell as defined is an undifferentiated cell of a multicellular organism which is capable of giving rise to indefinitely more cells of the same type, and from which certain other kinds of cell arise by differentiation. In adult organisms, stem cells act as a repair system for the body, replenishing adult tissues. Stem cells that are present in the middle of follicles ensures continuous suuply of hair cells. Thus it helps in dividing the hair cells in a fast pace. Damaged or almost dead follicles due to aforementioned reasons can’t able to grow new hairs thus hindering the normal hair cycle. Very satisfying result found with the Stem Cell Therapy for hair loss by replacing those lost stem cells. It is a safe and non surgical procedure to experience. We can do stem cell therapy as an effective hair loss solution.

Low level laser therapy

It accelerates the circulation of scalp thus nourishing the hair roots, so can be a good adjuvant therapy to increase your hair density along with other treatments.

Dandruff control therapy

Dandruff, a condition which causes flaking of the scalp with itching, is one of the most common scalp problem. Everyday new skins forms and old skins fall of in our body including scalp which can be cleaned by any normal shampoo. If it is not cleaned properly then fungal infections enters within it which is aggravated also by excessive oily scalp and dirt from outside. It sometimes becomes a serious problem and accelerates the hair loss process. It can be easily resolved with proper anti fungal medications with its proper way of use along with dandruff control therapy. Few sittings of D.C.T of our clinic helps to extinguish the fungal infection and can be used as an effective way to control dandruff, which is absolutely safe & free from any side effects.


Hair is an essential factor defining persons good looks. Excessive oily, greasy hair which sticks to the scalp affects your look. Greasy hair most likely is mainly due excessive sebum secretion of scalp, and excessive use of harsh chemical dyes, repeated hair straightening, smoothening, palming etc. Excessive oily and greasy hair requires treatment. At our specialized clinic we can offer you effective solution for this problem by our unique high frequency Oil control therapy.

Steam therapy

Helps to increase the pore size of hair roots thus helping better absorption of medicines.

Hair wig

In a great majority of hair loss cases, our specialized clinic successfully treated them medically. But in some cases,nothing that can be done, as the root of the hair itself is dead. Absence of hair roots cannot be able to bring back hair medically.. This is the case when the Trichologist would suggest the patient to consider the option of wig/weaving/bonding.
In non-surgical hair loss treatment it is the concept that is used to cover baldness. This process involves use of processed natural human hair planted on a thin derma base. This base is cut and designed to custom fit the scalp of the individual going for this procedure. The natural look of the hair and custom fitting according to individual person makes this option an ultimate hair loss option. The patch can be opened and cleaned, can be done for full head or vertex only. This can be an option even for males and females.

Hair building fibre/spray

When you are taking hair treatment in the meantime if you have to attend any meating, crermony social gathering, interviews, hair building fibres and spray is a beautiful cosmetic camouflage non treatment option to instantly make your thin scalp hair thick. Hair building fibre is made of same keratin as of hair so at all not harmful for your hair and non allergenic. In our clinic we will give you real eco friendly fibres which is not impairing your treatment process also. Spray locks the fibre. So what are you waiting for..go grab it to bring back your confidence instantly.


**If you are unsuitable for non-surgical options or only want surgical hair restoration then arrangements for HAIR TRANSPLANT can be made by plastic surgeon. But if thinning started and the hair roots are still there,very satisfying results can usually be achieved by non-surgical options specially PRP TREATMENT.



A healthy skin is a reflection of the well being of an individual . it is made up of three layers- epidermis , dermis and subcutis . Epidermis is again composed of five layers (from deep to superfacial ) -stratum basale ,stratum spinosum ,stratum granulosum, stratum lucidum and stratum cornium (compose of dead skin).dermis again made up of two layers-papillary dermis and reticular dermis. Melanocytes present in Stratum basale contains melanosomes prepares melanin which gives the colour of our skin. Melanin forms and creeps upword. Skin, which is the heaviest but mostly ignored organ of our body performs various vital functions like barrier function, regulatory function, excretory functions, sensory function, synthesis of vit-d etc. Care of such an important organ is not only very important for its appearance but also to prevent certain diseases . Normal skin has an even tone, smooth texture, no visible pores or blemishes, no greasy patches or flaky areas and is free of dieses ,but due to improper maintanace (cleansing , tonning, moisturizing and sunscreen usage ) , pollution ,stress ,excessive exposer to sun, aging causes reduction of its normal look along with internal problems. Our western skin easily get tanned . So to revive its cosmetic appearance our specialized clinic offers different modern treatments and also helps you by expertise suggestion for your internal assessment to achieve long lasting result.



Complete removal of mole/wart/skin tag is done in one /two sessions using the RF CAUTERY technology.

Acne control Treatment

Acne or pimples, is the most worldwide problem. It may start from teenage only to continue upto 20-25. Along with this adult acne, PCOS patients, steroid body building supplement induced acne are the worst problem. If you are the one who is devasted by the repeated outbreaks then don’t treat youself by home remedy or by a pharmacy bought cream or parlour therapies. Many a times it can’t be controlled by medicines only. Everyones wants a acne free face. Few sittings of acne control treatment along with the conservative treatment with proper maintance advised by best cosmetic specialist of our clinic will bring the best result.

Acne / Surgical Scar Reduction Treatment

Pimple when healed up causes unsightly looking scar which are not cosmetically acceptable. Again any cut / surgical repair in our body will definitly leave a scar. Our specialized clinic will offer you beautiful scar reduction treatment, Few settings of which can make a new you by prominently reducing the unsightly scars to a great extend. this treatment is totally safe and non-surgical to experience and is done by our expert cosmetologist .

Pimple Spots Reduction Treatment

Pimple many a times after healing leaves a bad hyperpigmented black surface scar enough to make a face ugly. A couple of spot reduction treatment at our clinic can able to make them easily removed and get back your beauty which is safe and non-surgical done by our expert.

Pigmentation reduction treatment(P.R.T)

Melanin is a specific pigment presents in our skin to give its color. Facial pigmentation is a condition where portions of the facial skin turns into darker shade due to excessive formation of melanin by melanosomes present on the skin surface due to various reasons like sunburn, hormonal imbalance etc.
Verities of facial pigmentation like melasma, lentigo, freckles or other unknown pigmentation can definitely be improved to a great extent by few sittings of P.R.T which is non surgical with no side effects reported done by our expert. Our mission at ASCH is to create high-performance natural pigmentation treatment that works to deliver extraordinary results for your skin.

Anti Aging Treatment/Revitalization Of Collagen Treatment (R.O.C.T)

With the advancement of age skin also started aging .This skin aging are accelerated by factors like modern life style, pollution, stress .If you are thirty and looking like forty five that definitelyis not acceptable. The moment when you started staring shamelessly to someone passing across for his beautiful younger looking skin ,we are there at your service to give you a wrinkle free,pore free tightenened skin .we have decided to help you to get back your younger look by few sittings of our advanced anti-aging treatment for renewal of your skin’s collagen. ASCH’S most advanced anti-aging treatment and therapies done by our expert doctor can really bring your facial age back .which is non-surgical and safe.
Skin aging is actually a broad tarm, so to correct facial anatomy some other procedure like botox,fillers or fatfill can also be required .The treatments might need to be repeated at a certain intervals for long lasting effect.



Saggy facial skin can be corrected and it’s maintenance can be done beautifully by using the most advanced RADIO FREQUENCY TECHNOLOGY for looking younger.



It should be included within anti-ageing treatment but can be mentioned individually due to its remarkable textural improvement properties for aging skin.3-4 sittings of this treatment offered by our clinic will do a great job for making your face younger.



Couple of sittings of this treatment done by our expert helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles,sagging skin and black pigmentation in and around the neck and helps to rejuvenate the skin of the neck.



Bad textured aging skin of hand, unknown pigmentation spots in hands can be improved remarkably to a great extent by a few sittings of this treatment taken at our clinic.

Suntan Removal

In our country our skin easily get tanned instead of getting burnt. Even when we will go outside in the seashore and other places having excessive sun exposer our western skin just ended with the suntan in the face and body. Inappropriate uses of sunscreens may also cause suntan. Proper sunscreens according to your skin pattern can only prevent sun burn, even excessive use of harsh chemicals can also causes tanning. There are many cosmetic products skin bleaching techniques are offer for tan removal but most of them are either not working properly or harmful in long run . No medicated creams is also helpful for that .At our clinic we offer tan removal chemicals peels and masks that are definitely effective procedure for suntan removal without causing harm to normal skin.


Nothing can make yourself feel more confident than having a glowing beautiful skin . Glowing skin makes you more younger and confident, No matter what the age or physical condition is. Exposer to pollution, harsh chemicals and modern lifestyle ailments like stress , incorrect sleeping pattern and not maintaining proper care for your skin are the key factors responsible for the dull lustureless skin.
At our clinic we offer world-class cosmetic treatment for enhancing your skin glow. Each and every persons skin's are not equal. Thus treatment is also customized according to clients requirement, by using different peels, skin polishing , medicated facial glow musk , glow cream and proper face massage. Maintenance is also advised by the process of cleansing toning moisturing and proper uses of sunscreens along with proper diet chart according to your skin pattern, so that radiant glow will last long. All this procedures are non surgical and safe to experience and done by medical expert only.


One sitting of this treatment taken at our clinic will immediately prepare your face glowing when you have to attend any party or ceremony.


It is a unique treatment programme prepared especially to make bride’ look very attractive.


Eye is a mirror of mind. A good looking beautiful eye can express many thing without telling verbally. When fine lines and wrinkles appears around eyes, so also the dark circles, skin around the eyes get sagged , deep wrinkles appears in the upper eye lid ,your public appearance started looking aged ,that is the time when you need eye rejuvenation . Skin aging, not having a good sleep ,long lasting physical exertion , long continued stress are some of the factors responsible for that . ASCH is a state of art clinic that offers you a non surgical eye rejuvenation treatment with excellent results. We are dealing with huge number of clients still now facing the same problem with proved result. Comparing our results with others we can strongly condemn we belongs within the first few and will be the 1st choice of our clients in near future. The procedure is non surgical and safe to experience, done only by our cosmetic expert.
Tightening of under eye sagginess and it’s maintenance can be done by using most advanced BIPOLAR RADIO FREQUENCY technology.


Dead skin of your body parts can immediately be exfoliated without no downtime at all to give them a rejuvenated look. It can be done as a lunchtime procedure at our clinic by using specific machines.


Scientific procedure for obtaining fresh younger skin by using some mild chemicals not harmful for your skin which cause controlled destructions of your superficial skin layers.


Dead skin of full face can immediately be exfoliated as a lunchtime procedure at our clinic without any downtime for recovery to give your face an instant glowing look by using specific machines.


Superficial exfoliation of dead skin,deep cleansing, wrinkles , open pores reduction, and skin glow can be achieved at a time by few sittings of this most advanced completely safe treatment done at our clinic.

Dark Lips Lightning Treatment

Pink lips is the beauty of the face .when a gorgeous women with the beautiful pink lips passes by our side spontaneously our mouth says “wow”. But sometimes anemia, uses of bad quality/non branded lipstick, smoking, intake of some medicines and some internal disorder may cause darkening of the lips .A couple of sittings taken at our clinic of dark lip lightning treatment can easily help to regain the normal pinkish colour . The procedure is purely safe as no harmful chemicals are used and non surgical and done by our cosmetic expert only. At the same time our doctor will also give advice regarding your internal ailments so that the recovery will be a permanent one excluding the cosmetic part.


This treatment helps to absorb extra oil from skin and also having antiseptic properties, thus helps to reduce bacterial growth which in tern is helpful controlling acne recurrences ,reduces fine lines, improves circulation and lymphatic drainage using special machine.


This process helps in deep cleansing ,more glow and better product penetration during medi-facial by using galvanic machine


Dark and thick skin of underarms can be rejuvenated to make them lightened and smooth in texture by few sittings of this treatment.

Stretch Mark Reduction TREATMENT

Stretch marks can occur during sudden changes in body size, such as during pregnancy, puberty, or rapid weight-gain or loss when it again tries to come in normal size. It is a common cosmetic problems for men and women to come accrossin aesthetic practice now a days . Men’s are ashamed to go outside or in gym wearing a vest and women’s unable to wear sarees . Different areas of body like tummy , breasts , arms , thai ,back are affected preventing women to wear fashionable clothing and short dresses and even makes shamefull in her personal life. Stubborn problems like stretch marks can be successfully treated in our ASCH clinic by a couple of stretch marks reduction treatment which is safe and non surgical and by our cosmetic expert only. Finally stretch marks started fadding day by day and one achieve reductions to a great extent. The skin is tending to look almost normal.




Unwanted hairs of face, chin, sidelocks, upperlip, underarms, hands and legs, back, bikini area can be reduced to make them almost non recognisable by lasers.


Acne vulgaris or cystic acnes can be nicely improved by lasers which is also a part of acne management.


Tattoos of any body parts can be removed by few sittings of lasers.


Birthmarks of any body parts can be removed by couple of sitting of lasers.


Stubborn melasma,age spots or any other unknown pigmentation of face and other body parts can be reduced to a great extent by few sittings of lasers.


Freckles caused by sunburn in small spots can be removed by lasers.


To improve the quality and texture of your skin, to reduce the fine lines,open pores and hyperpigmented acne scars,to induce new collagen formation and also to increase the fairness to a great extent this most advanced laser treatment can be done.

*All the above mentioned procedures are safe and non-surgical with non invasive or minimally invasive technique.


It is a technology of fat freezing. It is a non-invasive, non-surgical technology that freezes and kills your fat cells after few sessions, so that you can get rid of stubborn fats of different areas which refuses to go and ultimately you will achieve slim trim body shape. For better results patient can do proper dieting, exercise. It is totally safe procedure.

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